Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's like nature. Only Better!

Dear Secret Blogiary,

After the week of chaos I had, it was nice to take a little breather and step out into nature. The girls and I went for a much needed overnight camping trip. The awesome thing about it is the campsite is local, so not much traveling is required and I get the benefit of being disconnected while still within Emergency Service Providers (of course, since I had no bars on my cell I couldn’t contact an Emergency Service if my life depended on it…).

After setting up camp, we decided to try our hand at a nature walk.

Big Sis declared the trail, “Sketchy.”

See how "sketchy?

Little Sis was disturbed by the amount of overhang and kept eyeing the canopy with suspicion.

I admit, even I was a bit concerned about this "shady" overhang.

Me? I tried to convince the girls that every noise they heard was a cougar.

They didn’t buy it.

The only wildlife we saw, aside from birds, were:


Hermit Crab
(Probably suffering from a concussion after being dropped from the equivalent of a 500 story high rise)


I love taking pictures of unusual looking trees and it seemed that almost every tree had an unusual aspect to it. Here are a few of my favorites:

Our campground ran along side of a salt water marsh which makes for a beautiful backdrop when stumbling bleary-eyed to the bathroom!

And of course, a camping trip would not be complete without...mmmm....S'mores!

Reece's Peanut Butter Cup Variety


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. Being out in natural surroundings like this is refreshing. Judging from what I saw I’d venture to guess that it’s somewhere along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, so I wonder if you noticed any evidence of the oil spill in the gulf. I hope not.

  2. Actually, I'm on the east coast of Florida so I have not seen any of the effects of the oil spill as of yet. Honestly, I think that the Gulf Stream is pulling the oil balls out before they have a chance to settle on the eastern side.

  3. If my entire brain were still functioning, I should have known that Spanish moss is possibly seen as far north as at least North Carolina. My mind was only on the gulf coast.