Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lack of Maturity

Dear Secret Blogiary,

Big Sis hung out “free range” style at the mall today. The first time ever. What did she return home with? Forbidden skinny jeans? Inappropriate novelties from Spencer’s?


A new Build-A-Bear.

Me: You blew your money on a Build-A-Bear?

Big Sis: Yeah. And?

Me: Nothing. (shaking my head and smirking) Put it in the trunk.

Big Sis: (Puts box in trunk and takes out the new Bear and climbs into the front seat)

Me: Really? You are so immature.

Big Sis: Says the girl who slobbered on my arm and claimed she was a lamprey the other day.

Me: I…But…

Big Sis: And who went around saying “balls” over and over with different adjectives in front of it last week.

Me: …

Big Sis: I win!

Fine. She "wins." But only because I was being nice.

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