Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Brand New Blog

Dear Secret Blogiary,

Here I am with my very first post. I am so excited that I created you! At last I can blog with freedom. No more worrying about who might see my blogiary, about who might get offended or upset. I can post without fear that if I rant about my family, it won't hurt their feelings. Because as you know, Blogiary, I am very sensitive and empathetic. I just need to be able to express myself and not have it held against me.

Maybe I should tell a little about myself...

I'm a Leo, proud and loyal. I am a mother and wife. I am a teacher. I am full of ideas and grand schemes, but unfortunately, because I am also lazy, I have yet to take over the world. I am in my thirties. I love books, tea, games, camping and crafts.

My hope is that I'll be able to write in my Secret Blogiary every few days, or at least once a week. I have other commitments and time constraints and yet, I really need to make a concentrated effort at posting because it will be a great means of stress relief. And, hey, maybe I'll find out that there are others out there who can relate to my unrelatable bizarre life!

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