Saturday, October 2, 2010

It must be a Velociraptor

Dear Secret Blogiary,

Big and Little are out playing in the neighborhood while I am cooking dinner. I am listening to music and doodling on the cover of a notebook waiting for water to boil when a large crashing thump resounds from Big Sis’s room upstairs. I jump and then call Big Sis on the walkie.

Me: Hey.

Big Sis: What?

Me: There was a big thump in your room, but I’m not going up there because it is scary.

Big Sis: Okay.

Me: I mean it. It was very loud and smashy sounding. I think it might be a troll.

Big Sis: I don’t think so. Probably just the cats.

Me: I don’t know it sounded super crashy and kind-of breaky like.

Big Sis: Do you have to make all of your verbs into adjectives?

Me: Yes. But I am still not going up there.

Big Sis: I might have been *static* so don’t worry.

Me: OMG! I bet it was a velociraptor!

Big Sis: Mom, it was probably just my butterfly chair. I had it standing up.

Me: Okay, it might have been the butterfly chair falling over but it was probably knocked over by a velociraptor.

Big Sis: It was not a velociraptor, Mommy.

Me: Okay, but I’m going to put the gate up at the bottom of the stairs so that if it is a velociraptor, it won’t be able to come downstairs and get me.

Big Sis: Are you done?

Me: *sigh* Yes.

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