Thursday, October 21, 2010

Playing Hookey

Dear Secret Blogiary,

After a particularly stressful Wednesday, I needed a break. So I took one. I played hooky. But even better than that, Big Sis and Little Sis came right along with me!

I am corrupting the youth! Well, my youth anyway.

I wish I could say that we lazed in our PJs until noon eating bon-bons (which just so we are clear, I have never had). But even knowing that we were skipping school, we were all up at our regular time. Pitiful. What a waste of good sleeping weather.

I wish I could say that I made pancakes or waffles, but I didn't. Cold cereal and leftover oatmeal filled our bellies.

I wish I could say that I ignored all the housework in favor of sitting at the computer and playing Sims until my blood congealed in my rear.

What we did instead: cleaned. Scrubbed, vacuumed, organized and washed the upstairs in preparation for my Father's visit. He'll be here tomorrow and we didn't finish!

Instead, after we got the rooms shiny, we went for sushi and I discovered that I totally love raw salmon. Can't stand it when its cooked, but I am digging it raw. We went to the library where, after paying my overdue fines, I checked out enough trashy romances to last me until Nano starts. Then to Target for last minute materials for an upcoming Girl Scout meeting. And a quick dash to the Halloween store where the girls finally decided on costumes.

There used to be a time when I made them from scratch, but they are both so undecided and wishy-washy that it is just more practical to let them wander around the aisles and pick something.

Big Sis is going as either Indiana Jones or a Ninja. Possibly Indiana Jones dressed as a Ninja. Either way its cool. Little Sis was going to be a Vampire Fairy. Then she was going to be a Poison Butterfly. She really wanted something with wings and something "scary." What she ended up with was a purple witch's costume decked out in rhinestones and a can of purple hair spray.

Then we spent an hour in PetSmart naming each hamster and gerbil. They have both been hinting (and by hinting please understand that to mean: begging non-stop for weeks) that they would love to have hamsters. Cute, fluffy, cuddly little hamsters that would just as soon die if you look at them funny.

The final result: I need to skip school more often! And I have apparently pledged myself to "thinking about" hamsters.

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