Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Bananagrams

Dear Secret Blogiary,

For some reason, I've never had a lazy Tuesday. I always end up being overbooked with activities and meetings. Today was no exception, but I managed to carve out a few minutes to play Bananagrams by myself after Little Sis and I read our bedtime story and I did the dishes but before Big Sis needed my help with homework and Mister W took his shower (we have our own special appointment later).

The girls and I play Bananagrams a few times a week. It is a fast-paced after dinner game that we all enjoy. So I had a great thought about using Tuesday as Bananagram day!!


Welcome readers to the FIRST EVER Tuesday Bananagrams! I'll create a Bananagram message and you all can try to figure it out.

Today's Bananagram is a haiku.

Try to figure it out and post your response in the comments. I'll post the answer later this week...maybe next Tuesday.

1 comment:

  1. Answer:

    Dead tree in the yard
    Brown leaves all year long, its like
    autumn every day.